The Most Comprehensive Middle Eastern Workbook around!

A must for all dance enthusiasts as well as teachers to add to their dance library

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338 pages of learning!

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What you will learn:

Detailed Content:

 History and Views of Belly dancing
• The Body and Belly Dance
• Dance Styles of the Middle East
• Detailed Movements 
• Moves and Combinations 

Chapters of Instruction:

 Finger Cymbals (Zills)
• Rhythm Patterns for Drums and Zills
• Instruments and Vocalization
• Dance Props
• Veil Work
• Floor Work
• Performing
• The Middle East
• Dancers and Singers
• Master Instructors


A Plethora of Content:

• Suggested Resources
• Sohaila’s Memory Lane
• Reflections on Sohaila
• Favorite Middle Eastern Recipes
• Dancers Checklist
• Sample Contract for Parties
• Glossary
• Tear Out Pages


Near and Middle Eastern Dance Workbook

This Workbook is a must for all dance enthusiasts as well as teachers to add to their dance library. Sohaila has 35+ years Middle Eastern dance expertise and knowledge in the field of Belly dancing and Folkloric Middle Eastern dance styles, having traveling and dancing the world.This workbook has a plethora of information that is true and accurate.
Teachers and Professors around the world are using this book to enhance their teaching skills and deliver high-quality classes to their students and clients. 338 pages

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Chapters include

Near and Middle Eastern Dance Workbook

About The Instructor

I am the founder of Sohaila International, the umbrella for, The Sense-ual Woman retreats and programs, Belly dance courses and NewVo dance fitness classes. I am the author of two books on Middle Eastern dance, have created numerous signature dance DVDs, host Sohaila TV, and teach online and live dance and fitness classes. With my 35 years of dance I found a way to connect with women on a deeper level and how I do that is by teaching women to ReDiscover their own five senses and when I add the Middle Eastern authentic dance movements together they ReDiscover something more powerful within themselves this empowers all women of who they are have always wanted to be who they forgot they were and to ReDiscover their femininity again they will experience more joy more confidence and bless in their life, their confidence and their femininity will radiate from within.


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