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 A course as distinctive, incomparable and passionate as you are.

The Five Senses

Access and use your five exceptionally powerful sacred senses

YOU are Invited

Unlock your Secrets

What Will You Learn:

This is for

The busy business woman, so tired of the masculine energy of the corporate world and ready to explore her feminity again

This is for

The new mom, attempting to regain her elegance and sexual grace after pregnancy

This is for 

The expert mom, ready to bask in the glory of engaging alone time and personal space

The is for 

The woman on a body/mind mission, focused on creating more breadth and depth in her communion with her sacred senses

This is for

The yogini, dancer, artist, teacher, always searching for new and eccentric ways to empower her creative vision in the world

This is ALL for YOU

Powerful feminine hereos! A program that will stimulate your senses and your body's own healing process so you can once again feel the full enjoyment life has to offer


It's time ladies, for you to break out of the monotony of life and rediscover yourself thru your five senses and Ancient belly dance movements. This self paced program is filled with enticing, educational and empowering Workbook pdfs, movement videos, meditation mp3’s. music and lots of surprises for you throughout the program!

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Quick Start

Module 1- Discover the Steps

Module 2- Engage Smell

Module 3- Summon Sight

Module 4- Tempt Taste

About The Instructor

allow me to share why I developed the Sense-ual Woman Program

From an early age, I was captivated by the beauty of the feminine spirit and movement, in particular the ancient art of belly dancing. I began taking lessons at age 12 and never stopped.
I noticed over the years that my classes were more about perfecting the movements and less about the impact of the dance. It seemed to me that belly dance could be taught in a way that released female sensuality and confidence… rather than just as dance steps to be memorized. Through continued education and research on body and mind connection, our five senses, and the psychology of the feminine, I developed a

Coaching and Mentorship program, along with a belly dancing workshop, called “The Sense-ual Woman: Timeless Secrets to a Beautiful Mind, Body & Soul.”

I began to see my clients fully embracing life again…going from women who felt stagnant, bored, stifled and asleep to women who felt energetic, engaged, encouraged and enlightened. Experiencing these results, I knew I had to reach more and more women…and do it without the barriers of time, location, or cost.
So, I developed the 10-week Sense-ual Woman Online Course…to guide you to your pure enjoyment of life by stimulating your sacred senses and teaching you to bask in the freedom of your body’s movement.

Introducing…The 10-Week Online Program Your Soul Has Been Craving!
The internet is chock full of choices for online coaching programs offering to help you reach your pinnacle of success, develop a better version of yourself, and make all of your dreams come true.


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