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Belly dancing isn't just for one type of person, it’s for every BODY. Whether you are short, tall, full figure or slim, you too can belly dance your way to fitness and have fun while dancing. 

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Courses are broken down in easy to follow lessons.


Courses are viewable on screens of all shapes and sizes.


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100's of Live classes to choose from!

Technique precision and detail, Folkloric technique, Combinations, Veil technique, Zill pattern technique, Choreography, Master classes, Guest instructors, Sohaila's private collections, and more!





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Learn at your own pace, whenever you want, where ever  you want. Get friends together and make it a fun class for all!
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Authentic and intriquing Choreography's

A plethora of choreographys to choose from including Fast, Slow, Isis Wings, Veils, Fan veils, Zills, Canes, Folkloric.
Dynamic, Inspirational, and Fun!

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I highly recommend Sohaila’s belly dance classes as the best way to learn to bellydance and become a performing artist yourself. Sohaila will break down each move and teach you how to fluidly create those moves into the most beautiful dance art of all time - bellydance. I have taken years of group lessons and a few private sessions with Sohaila and I’m always amazing at how much she shares with all of us to ensure we dance beautifully.

Brigitte Caric

Sohaila has it down! It is fantastic to learn directly from her in an intimate class setting. Sohaila generously equips us with her knowledge of not only correct belly dance technique, but also her insights into successfully using our entire BODY.

Cherry Marquez Peterson

I love Sohaila's belly dance classes. She takes the time to break everything down and explain everything in detail for us. I learn so much and feel so much better prepared in every way! She is an amazing teacher.

Linda Amann

Sohaila has been my instructor for over a decade. She provides a consistency in quality for her classes that shows both a passion and a professionalism that I admire. She presents herself as a dancer with grace and strength that all of her students immediately wish to emulate! Even after 10 years of being her student, I am always learning new aspects of dance, fitness, choreography, and stage presence. Sohaila is very consistent in her curriculum, in her energy, and in her innovation. She provides an atmosphere where a student feels both challenged and accepted for their  less than perfect moves as they are learning the skills she teaches. This makes for an excellent workout with the bonus of feeling like you both learned something and are slightly more fit and sexy at the end of her class.

Madeline Cohen

love learning!

Joyce Finlay

Take a class any time, day or night!

A variety of classes at your finger tips. Choose what you like or need to work on. Choreography's, Technique, Props, Combinations, Music and much more to help you go from an ordinary dancer to an extraordinary dancer!

Here are just a few of the Curriculum Highlights!

Liability and Waiver

Dancers Divine Goap Map

Focus, Clarity and Concentrate

Detail and Precision

¾ U-shaped hip swing Shimmy and Mayas

Detail, Accents, condensing moves and bonus rolling quarter on stomach

Detailing moves from Mozart choreography

Fabulous Floorwork

Let's Play- use of space

Use of Space, circles, shimmys

Detailing Oumis and Hip hits/drops

Windmill, going nowhere and specifics

Stylizing Hip Circles and Isolations

Moving Forward

Camel details and combos

Tips to Energize & Style your Dance

Lets get fired up with Drums

4 Moves: Mayas, Deep Frwd fig 8’s, Large circles, Chest fig 8’s,

Improvising, Smooth Transitions, Use of Space

Choreography detail tips

Slow movements

Focusing on Fig 8 Shimmys and technique

Shimmys detail

Diagram Specifics

Space vs No Space

¾ shimmies detail

3/4 shimmy detail and technique

Mito #9 practice with girls

Basic techniques

Upper body- rib cage and camels detail and technique

Detail Arms and Posture

Grapevine, Turn, Pivot technique and detail

Basic walk, poses & Posture

Body Locks Detail

Detailed hip Drop Circle adding Pivots and Shimmies

Arm Detail

Khalleeji Technique

Back to Basics

Camel Combinations

Fun Combination with bonus drum exercises

Grapevine combination and camel detail

Combos and Detail

Drum combination

Energetic Combinations

Drum combo and detail

Drum Drills

Bring power in your dance

Bringing out your own Style

Combos and Technique

Putting Groove into your Moves

Brigittes choreography finished and ending of Sahra

Combo pack

Combo and Fun!

3 drum combinations

Classic Combination

4 move combination + Rib cage figure 8's

Combo of camels, basic walks and pivots

5 Star Combo!

Basic walk, ¾ shimmy, grapevine combination

Moves and Improvising

Combination for Beginners

Combination and Technique 10-4-17

4 movement combo

Combo-Basic Walk, Pivot, Turn, Camels, hip drop circles

2018-1 Fun combo and add-ons for Ojos Asi

Mayas, combo of hip drops and hip circles

Maya Combination

Going no-where combination

Combo 1- Hip hit reverse turn, camel, arms

Combo 2- ½ Circle, undulation, shimmy, hip drops, turn

Combo 3- Mayas, hip drop, turn, mayas, camel, sways

Combo 4- pick up leaves, sohaila hip drop circle, chest circles, grapevine

Combo 5- Grapevines with ¾ shimmies, shoulder shimmys, spiral, undulation, sway with snake arms

Combo 6 - shimmies, chest fig 8, pivots, choo choos

Combo 7 - basic walk or ¾ shimmy, camels in circle, safety pins, camel, arms

Combo 8- pose, turn, hiplifts, shimmys, 3/4s, fig 8's.

Combo 9 - with veil on

Combo 10- Camel, hip hits, turns, shimmys, going no-where and more!

Combo 11- Hip hit slides, going no where, hit hip frwd/revse, sways, hip drops

Combo 12 Slow and Sense-ual moves

Combo 13 -slow&fast

Combo 14 Going no where, camels, ribcage, hip hits

Combo 15

Presence and Veil Detail and Technique

Veil Detail

Veil and Movement

Veil Basics

Veil Spotlight

Veil Technique, tips and tricks

Veil with Zills

Veils with Moves

Veil Movement and Technique

Improvising with veil

About The Instructor

I am the founder of Sohaila International, the umbrella for, The Sense-ual Woman retreats and programs, Belly dance courses and NewVo dance fitness classes. I am the author of two books on Middle Eastern dance, have created numerous signature dance DVDs, host Sohaila TV, and teach online and live dance and fitness classes. With my 35 years of dance I found a way to connect with women on a deeper level and how I do that is by teaching women to ReDiscover their own five senses and when I add the Middle Eastern authentic dance movements together they ReDiscover something more powerful within themselves this empowers all women of who they are have always wanted to be who they forgot they were and to ReDiscover their femininity again they will experience more joy more confidence and bless in their life, their confidence and their femininity will radiate from within.


Frequently Ask Question

Yes, these classes can be watched 24/7 anywhere you have internet access. Get your friens together and join in on learning together. Make it a party!

Great question! Not to worry, Sohaila is here for you anytime. Just email her and she will respond immediately with any questions you may have pertaining to any of the movements in your course!
If you would like to take your classes up a notch, talk to her about private skype/zoom classes!

You bet it is! Belly dancing can be an amazing opportunity to help get your body feeling and looking great. The benefits are amazing not only for your body, but for your mind and soul!

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