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Navigate your Mind, Body, and Soul to realize YOUR full potential and become the master of YOUR life 

A Unique Retreat for Women

A life changing experience.  
A safe and friendly place to examine, experiment and rediscover YOU! 

Put 'ME' Time on your Calendar

Give yourself the gift of reconnecting to your sacred center and unlock those sacred places to allow your soul to fly free again. 

Experience Your Senses

Simple ‘take away’ tools to consciously focus your thoughts and energy and begin creating the life of your dreams. 

The Sohaila Way Method

Experience how to use your Five Sacred Senses in combination with Ancient Beledi (Belly Dance) movements to awaken the Sense-ual Woman in you for a truly life changing experience. 

Focused and Personalize Coaching, Discover how to:

Define the life you want to be living and the people you want to share it with.
Regain the confidence and passion to make all of your dreams reality.
Overcome obstacles that are keeping you from fully expressing your authentic self.
➦Reclaim your sensuality to become empowered and passionate every day.
Consciously focus your thoughts and energy to begin creating a life of joy. 

The Journey of Self Discovery

You’ll reconnect with your innate feminine energy, your sacred core become empowered, to experience more joy, confidence, freedom, and bliss in your life thru the Sohaila Way method 


Attending my first Sense-ual Retreat with Sohaila was a fantastic experience. Everything Sohaila offered heightened all of my senses. Visually, the setting was beautiful and the activities enabled us to visualize places far and near. Hearing the music filled our souls, pleasured our ears and moved our was perfect for learning the movements in belly dancing. The tastes and smells that were introduced during snacks and lunch were spicy, savory and sweet. We also experience the touch of the fabrics and scarves. My goal to get out of my comfort zone and experience something unique and sensual was achieved. Sohaila's energy and spirit is contagious as you looked around at all of the participants in our lovely circle. I would highly recommend bringing a friend or partner to share the day at this retreat.

Denise Levine

One of the things I always say is that we are so busy taking care of every body else that we forget to take care of ourselves, so one of the things that I love about sohaila retreat is that you have a chance to step away from every distraction and be able to just relax and think about nothing except dance and movement and connectivity and our senses and our experiences. So its just wonderful to be able to have that in a sage environment with no distractions and nobody asking you for anything. So come try a retreat out, its wonderful.You will meet some great people and have some wonderful experiences.

Elissa Magil

I am really excited to share from my heart. I experienced a retreat that really spoke to me as far as a woman trying to get back in touch with that femininity, that sensuality we all have, that we forget about, that we put on the shelf and we become embarrassed about and thats not who we were created to be. At Sohaila’s retreat I got a taste of what its like to be me; a woman, feminine, sensual…and so I signed up for her program. I’m continuing to learn more about my senses, the sense of taste and touch and smell and experiencing life around me. I encourage you to come and experience this retreat.

Kellye Laughery

Discover the Secrets to Sense-ual Empowerment.

Unlock Your Beautiful Body, Mind and Soul. 

A day for you. It's time to put "ME" time on your schedule.
Whether you feel that something is missing in your life but aren’t sure what it is, or you just want to reconnect with your authentic self, this retreat can give you the clarity and confidence you need to take control of your future and live with total joy. No matter what your level of dance or fitness is, you can reap the full benefits of this retreat.

"Through my experience, knowledge and expertise, I know just what it takes to awaken your passion, your sensuality and your power from within. With mentorship and guidance from me, I want to take you on a journey of self-discovery and help you navigate your Mind, Body, and Soul to realize YOUR full potential and to become the master of YOUR life.” All this in a safe environment. 

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About The Instructor

I am the founder of Sohaila International, the umbrella for, The Sense-ual Woman retreats and programs, Belly dance courses and NewVo dance fitness classes. I am the author of two books on Middle Eastern dance, have created numerous signature dance DVDs, host Sohaila TV, and teach online and live dance and fitness classes. With my 35 years of dance I found a way to connect with women on a deeper level and how I do that is by teaching women to ReDiscover their own five senses and when I add the Middle Eastern authentic dance movements together they ReDiscover something more powerful within themselves this empowers all women of who they are have always wanted to be who they forgot they were and to ReDiscover their femininity again they will experience more joy more confidence and bless in their life, their confidence and their femininity will radiate from within.


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The secret to completely reinventing your life successfully is to start with the person you are at your very core and work outwardly from there. Sohaila's clients rave about her mentoring and coaching. See if this would be good for you in your life. Schedule a complimentary session today.

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