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Words are powerful tools that can determine how and what you feel. Choosing them wisely will make a big difference in your life


You have everything you need to be successful. It's already in you. These motivational tips will open the door to harness your intuition and assist you with trusting your heart and trusting your intuition.


Everyone has fears and insecurities. The key is to open the doors and unleash them and let them fly away. With these motivational tips you will be able to reconnect and take charge of the possibilites that await you.


Take this timeout to be alone. This allows you 'ME' time and to disconnect from all the other voices around you.


Focus on you..your needs, your wants. 100% on you.


By using these motivational tip, you will begin to notice throughout the day your thoughts will influence your subconscious mind to take more positive action.

Motivation with Affirmative Actions

Experience the power of motivational tips with affirmative actions and words.. Words are powerful tools that can determine how and what you feel. Choosing them wisely will make a big difference in your life. Positive words will motivate and inspire you to succeed in every aspect of your life. Sohaila will assist you in making every day important for your body, mind and soul. Sohaila's 12 motivational tips will keep you inspired, encouraged and inpowered. When Sohaila makes new tips she adds them into the library. You will have access to new empowering tips at your finger tips!

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Tip 1- Law of your own attraction

Tip 2-Take the Action for true empowerment

Tip3-Believe in yourself

Tip4-Think BIG

Tip 5- Be more Charismatic

About The Instructor

I am the founder of Sohaila International, the umbrella for, The Sense-ual Woman retreats and programs, Belly dance courses and NewVo dance fitness classes. I am the author of two books on Middle Eastern dance, have created numerous signature dance DVDs, host Sohaila TV, and teach online and live dance and fitness classes. With my 35 years of dance I found a way to connect with women on a deeper level and how I do that is by teaching women to ReDiscover their own five senses and when I add the Middle Eastern authentic dance movements together they ReDiscover something more powerful within themselves this empowers all women of who they are have always wanted to be who they forgot they were and to ReDiscover their femininity again they will experience more joy more confidence and bless in their life, their confidence and their femininity will radiate from within.


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